• Samsung 25r INR 18650 2500mah - Flat Top 20 AMP Battery

The Samsung 25r is a reliabale and popular battery. The capacity of this battery is 2500mAh & has a maximum discharge rate of 20 amps. This battery can be used in electronic cigarettes that requires an 18650 cell.

These batteries should never be discharged below 2.5 volts or cycle life/performance will be reduced. Maximum charge voltage is 4.25 volts. Only use IMR batteries in suitable devices.


Nominal Voltage: 3.6v
Positive: Flat Top
Standard Charging Current: 1.25amps
Size: 18.33(L)*64.85(W)mm

- Do not over-discharge/overcharge
- Recharge empty batteries as soon as possible. Leaving Li-Ion batteries in discharged state will incur irreversible damage ( capacity / cycle loss )
- Do not dispose of in fire.
- Do not short circuit - do not store with other metal objects such as keys or coins and if the contacts touch the battery could short and cause damage / injury
Must be recharged with a suitable LI-ION charger, do not use a NIMH charger.

**Please ensure that you use the correct battery for your device, using the wrong battery can cause damage to yourself and your equipement, Vapour Dreams will not be held responsible for damage or uinjury caused by improper use. If in doubt seek independent advice before purchase**

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Samsung 25r INR 18650 2500mah - Flat Top 20 AMP Battery

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